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LEGAL ALLIANCE, founded in 1995, is today one of the leading Ukrainian law firms specializing in legal support to pharmaceutical companies doing business in Ukraine and CIS countries.

OUR CLIENTS represent the following industries: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer goods, medicine, cosmetics, para-pharmaceuticals, chemistry, biotechnology, agriculture and food products.

LEADING ASSOCIATIONS — AIPM Ukraine, APRaD as well as the EBA Healthcare Committee have chosen Legal Alliance as their legal advisor.

Introduction of reference pricing for medicines from the National List: what to expect from July 1st?
No. 17/18 (1188/1189) May 13th, 2019 р. As we know, from July 1st, 2019 is it planned to introduce reference pricing for some medicines from the National List
Are works created by artificial intelligence object of intellectual property law?
Lawyer&Law, No17, May 9th, 2019. Protection of intellectual property rights to objects created by artificial intellect
Legitimacy of outstaffing services endangered
Currently, the only definition of outstaffing is a provision of the Tax Code of Ukraine according to which outstaffing is a commercial or civil law agreement under which a person who provides a service
Mask-show stops 3.0?
Within the last few years the legislator has repeatedly tried to improve the investment climate of Ukraine by reducing authorities of law enforcement agencies and granting more rights to business in criminal proceedings. Therefore, the known laws Masks-show stop (No. 191-VIII) and Masks-show stop 2 (2213-VIII) were adopted.
Promotion of medicines: legal aspects of interaction with healthcare professionals
On October 17th, 2018 seminar “Communication with HCPs and Promotion of Medicines: Rules, Requirements and Limitations” was held

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