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LEGAL ALLIANCE, founded in 1995, is today one of the leading Ukrainian law firms specializing in legal support to pharmaceutical companies doing business in Ukraine and CIS countries.

OUR CLIENTS represent the following industries: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer goods, medicine, cosmetics, para-pharmaceuticals, chemistry, biotechnology, agriculture and food products.

LEADING ASSOCIATIONS — AIPM Ukraine, APRaD as well as the EBA Healthcare Committee have chosen Legal Alliance as their legal advisor.

Hans Jonkhout

Specializations: Business Ethics and Compliance , Antitrust and Competition, Dispute Resolution, Advertising and Promotion, Employment and Labor

Partner, Marree en Dijxhoorn

M&D man of the first hour and partner since 1996. Walking intellectual encyclopaedia, not only for clients, but for his fellow office workers as well. Hans loves to cover all areas of law, but his major interest lies with intellectual property law and the laws regarding information and communication. As an extension thereof, he is active in the world of media and advertising. Specialist in European law. Hans writes about various legal subjects.

For the last 10 years, Hans has developed different initiatives within Eurojuris International and has fulfilled executive positions in that network. This included Eurojuris Netherlands’ chairmanship, Eurojuris International Intellectual Property Group’s chairmanship. Hans was executive member and co-founder of the International Business Group at Eurojuris International, in which Marree and Dijxhoorn Lawyers play a leading part. He has been president of Eurojuris International since 2010.

A fervent lover of music and particularly also a Zappa devotee. Plunks now and then on a ukulele, for example. Prevents rather than litigates. As such, under the motto: “Those who can, do – those who can’t, sue” (B. Shaw).


  • Intellectual property
  • Information technology and communications law
  • European law


  • Various committee positions at welfare institutions in Amsterdam and the Gooi & Vecht region
  • Chairman of the Mondriaan House Foundation in Amersfoort until 2009
  • Member of the executive board of the Photoq Foundation in Amsterdam
  • President of Eurojuris International EEIG and Eurojuris International NPO in Brussels, Belgium since 2010


  • Dutch
  • English
  • German
  • French

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