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The Roundtable «The Use of National Currency in Payment With Non-resident. Opportunities and Restrictions»

Tax law

Speakers: Anatolii A. Menshikov, Vitalii V. Savchuk

Legal Alliance Company invites you to participate in the roundtable «The use of national currency in payment with non-resident. Opportunities and restrictions» on Friday, April 3, 2015 from 15.00 to 17.00.

Venue: Kyiv, Illinska str., 8, Business center “Illinsky”, conference hall

Ukrainian contract partners of foreign suppliers face significant challenges in the acquisition of the necessary amount of foreign currency to pay international business contracts. Such situation appears due to the general lack of foreign currency in the market, as well as its steadily increasing value. In turn, the National Bank of Ukraine, trying to correct the situation by administrative methods, periodically applies restrictions, which complicating business activity. Participants of business activity periodically use alternative ways of pricing and payment, but not all of them are valid and enforceable in terms of banking control.

The roundtable will be devoted to the most important situations for buyers and sellers who decide to bind the payment on international business contract with national currency, or even to use national currency as a means of payment. Together with a representative of the banking sector, we will discuss opportunities provided by the Law, restrictions set by the National Bank of Ukraine and operations, which can be carried out by commercial banks.

Questions for discussion:

  1. Transfer of national currency on international business contract.
  2. Fixing the value in national currency (as equivalent) with subsequent payment in foreign currency.
  3. The concession of rights of demand to other creditors. The set-off between residents and non-residents, as well as between two non-residents.
  4. Other important issues for the participants of the event.


  • Anatoliy Menshikov, Partner of Legal Alliance Company
  • Vitalii Savchuk, Senior Associate of Legal Alliance Company.

Special participants:

  • Alla Soroka, Head of client service department in Piraeus Bank
  • Olga Zubko, deputy head of client service department in Piraeus Bank

Language: Ukrainian / Russian.

Participation fee:

  • For business representatives (producing companies. Distributors, trade companies etc.) - for free providing pre-registration
  • For consulting representatives (lawyers, auditors, tax consultants) - 800 UAH.

In view of limited quantity of participants, the registration will be conducted on the principle “first come first served” and can be closed after reaching of maximum quantity of participants.

On organizational matters, please contact the marketing department of Legal Alliance Company: tel. +38 (044) 280-50-70 or е-mail

We will be glad to see you and your colleagues among the participants of the event!

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