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OUR CLIENTS represent the following industries: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer goods, medicine, cosmetics, para-pharmaceuticals, chemistry, biotechnology, agriculture and food products.

LEADING ASSOCIATIONS — AIPM Ukraine, APRaD as well as the EBA Healthcare Committee have chosen Legal Alliance as their legal advisor.

Marketing of Pharmaceutical Companies Amid Quarantine

Introduced quarantine evoked a host of restrictions that affect the implementation of marketing plans of pharmaceutical companies. First of all, we are talking about contacts of pharmaceutical companies with healthcare specialists. For instance, at the moment all group activities on medical issues may be held only on-line.

In addition, a great deal of companies (including pharmaceutical ones) work remotely, resulting in the issues with adequate organization of such events on-line, as well as with remote communication with physicians (for example, substitution company representatives` visits with remote communication).

As we see in such situations, the most problematic are the following interaction aspects:

  • Proper documentation of remote consent for processing of personal data.
  • Proper preparation of documents that are connected to interaction with physicians, and those conductive to organize events (for instance, how to sign on-line lecture provision or on-line event planning contracts with physicians remotely).
  • Complying with current legislation requirements during medical events where information on RX medicines will be distributed (for instance, with regard to meeting criteria of holding such events for physicians exclusively).
  • Proper wording in business correspondence (including, e-mails) with physicians to avoid any risks of such communications contradicting current healthcare and anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine, or codes of ethics.

Moreover, there is a global trend for charitable support to healthcare facilities and physicians to fight against COVID-19 pandemic. Both international companies, and Ukrainian businesses allocate funds or purchases products toward this purpose on daily basis. As a result, there is increasing relevance of adequate documentation of charitable aid during a pandemic (in particular, in case of such support in the form of medicines and medical devices).

Improperly prepared documents with regard to the interaction with physicians, charitable aid, and service provision in general, may have negative consequences for companies, related to the violation of healthcare and anti-corruption, and tax laws of Ukraine.

All these issues can be solved with legal and field proven methods. We are happy to help in solving your issues and adequately respond to the new quarantine challenges for business.

For all pressing issues on legal adjustment of marketing measures to quarantine situation please contact Legal Alliance Partner Oleksii Bezhevets:


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